Exporters of Fresh Fruits, Vegetables

Jayantha Alwis  
Chairman-cum-Managing Director

I would like to welcome you all to Alwis-Agro Exports (Pvt)  Ltd, a company that has blended the best of business, agriculture and scientific technology to become a brand of the future in the days to come. As the brainchild of seasoned entrepreneurs, business and technical experts; Alwis-Agro Exports (Pvt)  Ltd has had competence brimming from its nascence. In short, we at Alwis-Agro Exports (Pvt)  Ltd, are committed to and have already embarked on a journey of success, prosperity and wholesome growth in the short span of time.

Innovation in agricultural production and related technology has accelerated in the past few decades and the essential market support for this has caught up in the recent times. In a significant entrepreneurial move, Alwis-Agro Exports (Pvt)  Ltd has entered this market and tried to make a place for itself in the market for agro-based products. The urge to have a strong market presence has made Alwis-Agro Exports (Pvt)  Ltd foray into diverse areas like manufacture, production, distribution, export and import of agro-based products, fertilizers, commercial agricultural activities like production of cash crops, acquiring land for the purpose of carrying on agricultural, animal husbandry and related farming activities etc. By ensuring presence at all stages between production and supply to the consumers, Alwis-Agro Exports (Pvt)  Ltd has already assured its customers that they shall get quality products at competitive prices. 

We, at Alwis-Agro Exports (Pvt) Ltd have continuously strived towards identifying the pulse of the market and with our foresightedness, strategies and efficiency. In other words, we at Alwis-Agro Exports (Pvt)  Ltd, have ensured that our business solutions match the needs of the changing demand scenario without compromising with quality and efficiency.

With the alchemic combination of our operational, management and networking abilities we, at Alwis-Agro Exports (Pvt) Ltd, endeavour to stride alongside the best in the market and with our strategies and skills we wish to set standards for our contemporaries and competitors alike.

Our human capital and business resources are one of the best in the industry and we, at Alwis-Agro Exports (Pvt)  Ltd are consistently honing our abilities to deal with the vagaries of the market and bring to you the most effective and qualitative products. A combination of youth and experience has been the greatest USP of our spirited and effervescent set up. 

In this short span, we, at Alwis-Agro Exports (Pvt)  Ltd have come a long way in establishing ourselves in this highly competitive market. We look forward to cooperation from our colleagues and customers alike in achieving the goals we have set for ourselves both in the short term and the long term.

Welcome on Board!!!